Custom Image Data


Data is collected using a diverse set of advanced sensors.
  • Collect data for a variety of applications
  • Assess crop health
  • See through clouds
  • Flood analysis

Contour Line Maps

Measure the elevation and shape of jobsite terrain with up to 2 meter vertical accuracy.
  • Increase the accuracy and authority of measurable work reports
  • Accelerate surveys and project engineering and management

Digital Surface Model

Custom DSMs and with up to 2-meter vertical accuracy.
  • Shaded relief of an area
  • Accounts for buildings and structures
  • An automatic step before a DTM (Digital Terrain Model)

Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR)

8 bands at 7.5 meter resolution.
  • Precisely identify and characterize man-made and natural material
  • Penetrates smoke
  • Ideal for agriculture, forestry, mining/geology, and energy industries
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