TerraServer gives the public sector a means to visualize their districts and jurisdictions. Aerial images are also perfect for modeling proposed projects

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TerraServer Is Great For:
  • Cannabis Permit Monitoring
  • Police & Fire Departments
  • Tax Collectors
  • School Boards
  • Public Records Officials
  • Environmental Agencies

Satellite imagery provides a whole new means of viewing a city, town, county, or any other governed entity. Officials can track the development of land and have visual records of the development. Revenue departments can keep track of properties and physical assets from an entirely new angle. Officials can keep visual records of public assets and increase government efficiency. Use the imagery in court to provide the jury with a bird’s eye view of the area of interest or crime scene.

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Government Users Can:
  • Have a visual representation of your jurisdiction
  • Keep records of public assets and property
  • Provide a time lapse of your community
  • Determine routes for emergency response

Aerial imagery provides an entirely new facet to the process of effectively governing and maintaining an excellent community. The imagery is extremely effective in public meetings and in council meetings to help others relate to planned development or preservation. At the state level, it allows users who are not familiar with your district to gain an understanding of the layout and geography of the area. Aerial imagery is a means of helping your colleagues and constituents to come together on an issue. Consider the benefits of becoming a TerraServer subscriber today.

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