Managing a vast infrastructure can be difficult. Satellite and aerial imagery can give a bird’s eye view of built assets to help you manage utility networks and sources.

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TerraServer Is Great For:
  • Power & Electric
  • Gas and Oil Companies
  • Telecommunications
  • Prospectors

When your business is providing a service to a large area, having imagery of that area can be vital to maintaining a high level of service to your customers. Our aerial imagery can allow you to determine how geography may affect coverage areas or how close your cell phone towers are to a proposed new highway. Aerial images of your plants, towers, distribution centers, or any other structure provides you with a photographic record of your physical assets.

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Energy Users Can:
  • Keep track of assets and property
  • Make a base map of coverage areas
  • Analyze the landscape of potential drill sites
  • Utility corridor monitoring
  • Track vegetables or other enroachments

Our imagery isn’t just about improving service though; it can also be about improving safety. Utility companies used post-Katrina images to evaluate the working area before workers even arrived on the ground. Take advantage of all of these benefits available on TerraServer, subscribe today.

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