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Prints Available in Many Popular Sizes:

We offer our prints in sizes that fit in frames available at most craft/discount stores to make mounting easy for you. Print sizes range from 11 x 14 in to 36 x 48 in.

Multiple Paper Types and Finishes:

Our prints are offered on various types of paper and with different finishes. Prints and posters are available in the following formats: glossy, matte, laminated, waterproof, and canvas.

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Glossy images are printed on photographic paper and will have a reflective sheen. These are the same format that is used to print conventional photographs.

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Matte images will be printed with the same amount of detail as a glossy image, but without the reflective finish. Matte prints will be printed on a paper similar to that used in a home printer.

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Laminated images will be printed and then covered with a thin plastic film. This film will allow wet and dry erase markers to be used on the image.

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Waterproof images will be printed on a water proof and tear resistant material that makes them good for outdoor use. The look of the finish will be similar to the matte finish.

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Canvas prints will resemble a painting in both texture and finish and are printed to a canvas cloth. Canvas print are shipped rolled and can then be mounted to a frame

Quality Finish and Quick Shipping

Our prints are handled by industry leaders, AlphaGraphics, with locations across the US and the rest of the world. Prints ship in protective cardboard tubes through FedEx to ensure that they arrive quickly and in perfect condition.

Preview Before You Buy:

TerraServer gives the user the opportunity to select exactly what they would like their print to contain. Once you have an idea of what image you would like to have printed, simply click on one of the print sizes to preview the image as a print. Simply add it to your cart and purchase.

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