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Fresher Content:

TerraServer members benefit from access to the most recently captured imagery; members are not subject to the 90-day hold-back on imagery that non-members experience.

Previews Without Watermarks:

Once logged in, watermarks are removed from viewer and previewer, giving members unfettered access to our imagery.

Drawing and Measuring:

Gain access to interactive tools to draw polygons, measure surface area, and calculate distance on aerial and satellite images.

10% Discount off Download/Print Orders:

Those who purchase prints and image downloads from TerraServer will enjoy the 10% discount available to active members. As long as you are signed in as a member, you will automatically receive an instant 10% off when you checkout.

Save Favorite Images Online:

Save your favorite areas for quick reference.

Street & Terrain Layers:

Members can switch between a street, terrain and satellite basemap. This allows for enhanced workflows and added context to areas of interest.

Additional Benefits:

Members receive numerous other benefits when using TerraServer. Members also automatically receive access to any new tools and features that are developed for their membership tier. This is just the beginning as we develop more tools, features, and reasons to become a TerraServer member today.

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